About Dotjet DOD Inkjet Printers

The DJ1 Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ printer) is a high resolution coding solution featuring a HP cartridge system for precise coding onto cartons, boxes, trays, sleeves and plastic packaging materials. Simpleness but versatility in coding ability.

The DJ45x is a cost-efficient TIJ printer with a 7” touch screen ease the printer operation, 2 print heads control capability, full of printing functions in the print message created by the screen. 

The DJ45plus is the new generation of smart thermal inkjet printer, functional in the data print of connectivity, it will extend the inkjet printer from function coding to enter the new applications related to the internet.

Eggshell printers use food-grade inks to implement excellent print with clear visibility on white or brown eggs. Available integrate with egg graders or stand-alone to print on the egg top with an independent conveyor.

The DJ340 is a piezo inkjet printer based on SII and Xaar technology with simple and robust design, offering a stable and reliable asset easy to use and maintain. A choice of the print head with 18mm or 70 mm.

The DJ2400 is piezo-jet multiple heads system, one single controller can drive up to 4 print-heads, managing the print from 1mm to 280mm with 4 70mm heads stitch provide a wide-format print requirement.

The DJ4510/DJ8510 is the design specific to the corrugated carton industry. Save time, labor cost, and increase flexibility in the corrugated board with less quantity but various templates to print.