Thermal Inkjet Printers



  • Designed for user-friendly operation and flexible installations
  • Great performance in coding and marking for primary and secondary packaging
  • Abundant functions for diverse applications


The DJ45x was designed for flexible installations plus abundant applications. Its user-friendly operation interface with a 7” touch screen allows users to operate the printer institutively and directly.

The easy-to-use software with abundant functions simplifies the process of applications, such as flexibly designing a print template with various message objects and adjusting their formats.

Moreover, the DJ45x uses inks that have excellent performance for printing efficiency and quality for different packaging materials. With the multi-function DJ45x and high-performance inks, users can effortlessly achieve the coding and marking requirements for different customers and products.


7”Full-Color Touchscreen

The WYSIWYG operation interface with a 7” touch screen enables users to operate the printer straightforwardly. No PC is required. Even a beginner can build and manage print jobs quickly and efficiently.
The content of coding and marking can be complex, but the way to create it should be effortless. In the interface of print template creation, all the function icons have been arranged and organized around the template section. Users can intuitively pick up an object icon to add to the print template directly, set up the parameters then watch the adjusted layout immediately.

dj45x 01


Multiple Languages

Multiple languages are available on the operation menu.
International language character fonts in true type font file (.ttf) can be loaded into the printer.

dj45x 02




dj45x 03

Quickly Select a Print Job

Print templates are displayed with images. After typing in the prefix character of the file name, the selectable print templates will be listed. With the preview, users can click on the right file quickly from the numerous files.







PC Software

It will be a great experience to use Dotjet PC software for mass print message creations. Meanwhile, it is a helpful tool for an operator training. Through a built-in function, user can immediately know the ink consumption per print message when using this software.

dj45x 04


 dj45x 11

Plentiful Inkjet Printing Functions

The DJ45x is more than an inkjet printer for basic coding and marking because its easy-to-use software design for plentiful functions efficiently achieves a wide range of applications beyond your expectation.




Robust Print Head Module

The durable housing is made of milled and anodized aluminum. Two accessory options are available to assemble onto the printhead: An Anti-Shock Mechanism protects and ensures the printing results if any moving object on conveyor belt hits the printhead. Alternatively, a Fine-Adjustment Mechanism allows users to manually adjust the print distance with slight and accurate changes.


dj45x 05




GS1 Barcode
      Able to print various GS1 barcodes for the global market.


dj45x 06

dj45x 06 2




Ink Types

Long decay time and excellent adhesion to most substrates are the main characters of hp TIJ2.5 inks.
Aqueous inks, solvent inks, UV-curable inks, and security inks are available for primary and secondary packaging printing.
Dotjet selects and simplifies the ink cartridge items for the wide range of inkjet applications to help customers reduce stock cost.

dj45x 07




dj45x 10



Technology hp TIJ2.5
Power requirement AC110-220V, 50/60HZ
Display 7” Color LCD with LED backlight
Operating temperature 5℃ ~ 45℃ (41°F - 112°F)
Controller operating system Linux
Message storage Up to 999 messages
Print head controlled ability Two hp TIJ2.5 print heads
Print line Multuple depand on character size
Print height Selectable font size from 1mm to 12.7mm
Print speed 60m/min (Water ink)
90m/min (Solvent ink)
Max. print length 1 meter
Print resolution Max. 600dpi x 600dpi / Regular 300dpi x 300dpi
Ink throw distance Recommended 6mm
LED indicators Ink low, print on/off
Print capability Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, shift code, serial number, lot/box number,
2D code, 27 languages characters print.
User interface WYSIWYG. Multiple languages available (some may need translation)
Printhead data line Standard 75cm and 200cm. Longer cable is optioal
Weight Controller 820g (Excludes bracket)
Print head 380g (Excludes cartridge and bracket)
Dimension (L/W/H) Controller 205x140x68 (mm) 8.1x5.5x2.7(inches)
Print head 130x115x94 (mm) 5.1x4.5x3.7(inches)
Optional Encoder, bulk ink supply, external low ink alarm






video cover dj45x 1 video cover dj45x 2 video cover dj45x 3
video cover dj45x 4 video cover dj45x 4

video cover dj45x 4

video cover dj45x 4    


  • Friendly operation interface with 7” touch screen
  • Up to two printheads connection capability
  • Flexibility in diverse installations


  • The most cost-efficient TIJ printer
  • Robust design and simple to use
  • High print speed, reliable and maintenance-free



As an entry-level TIJ printer, the DJ1 was designed with a simple but robust structure for cost saving. The all-in-one design makes the DJ1 easy to install and set up. The maintenance-free feature keeps user’s production line clean and no worries about downtime. It’s burdenless for a beginner user because none of technical knowledge is needed for installing, setting up and using a DJ1.


The DJ1 consists of less components but keeps the core of TIJ printhead technology to provide sharp, high printing speed and printing quality on various types substrates. Ideally suitable for printing date and text on all kinds of product materials.


Interesting Design

The DJ1 has less functions but keeps excellent inkjet printing performances to achieve user’s production efficiency. An easy-to-use and cost-saving DJ1 TIJ printer is a good option for primary coding and marking.




Print Message Creation

PC software and Android App provide quick methods to build printing messages. Then, simply download the required message file to DJ1 printer via a USB driver and keep the backup.

Although without a function to directly edit printing message on the DJ1, the file correctness is secured, and operator’s error is avoided.



 dj1 08

High Print Efficiency

● DJ1 can achieve high print efficiency for coding and marking.
● Max 10 units of print per second.

● Max print length is 512 characters when the print height is 12.7mm.






Easy to Operate

Using 6 buttons to implement full printing functions. The DJ1’s internal memory for 30 print jobs can satisfy simple coding needs.







Diverse Installation

The DJ1’s printhead can be turned to different angles for diverse installation demands.  






Automatic Ink Identification

A smart card on cartridge stores the cartridge print parameters information. Automatic ink identification allows
parameters setting for each ink cartridge to achieve the best performance.






Inks with Excellent Performance

Long decay time and excellent adhesion to most substrates are the main characters of hp TIJ2.5 inks.
Aqueous inks, solvent inks, UV-curable inks, and security inks are available for primary and secondary packaging printing. Contact Dotjet to learn more about the inks.



dj1 14

Technology hpTIJ2.5
Housing Aluminum casting
Power requirement AC 110-220v
Operation temperature 5°C ~45°C (41°F - 113°F)
Memory 30 print jobs
Print line 1 1- 4 lines
Print height 4 lines - 1.5mm, 4 lines - 3mm, 2 lines - 6mm, 1 line - 12.7mm
Print speed 1 line - 60m/min, 2 lines - 45m/min, 4 lines - 33m/min
Max. print length 512 characters
Print resolution 300dpi
Ink throw distance 6mm
Weight 652g (excluding cartridge)
Software function Any of languages text, lot and box number, date-time code, shift code, logo
Print font Available two character fonts for printing
Dimension (L/W/H) 202mm x 143mm x 120mm


video cover dj1 1 video cover dj1 2 video cover dj1 3
video cover dj1 4 video cover dj1 5 video cover dj1 6
video cover dj1 7 video cover dj1 8 video cover dj1 9
video cover dj1 10 video cover dj1 10 video cover dj1 10
  • Satisfying basic coding and marking requirement
  • The most cost-efficient TIJ printer
  • Robust design and simple to use


  • Thermal inkjet egg coder with 2 or 6 printheads.
  • Stand-alone or integrated with an egg grading system.
  • Remote-monitor and control of print jobs.


DJ800 series eggshell printers provide solutions for multiple scales of egg coding demands, from a simple eggshell printer to a network-connected eggshell printer which allows to remotely control and monitor. DJ800 series can be flexibly integrated with an egg grading systems and allow users to manually adjust the height position of printhead module against egg sizes. With options of models, you will find the most proper egg coder from Dotjet.


Choices for printhead modules
Multiple printhead modules to select for different scales and to be integrated with an egg grading system.


dj8000 cs2  dj800 cc6  dj800 cc6 


  • The CS2 module is designed to print eggs in 2 rows in trays or cartons.


  • To print 6 rows of eggs in trays or cartons.
  • Ideal for integration with egg graders and automatic egg production lines.


  • With a lifting mechanism to easily adjust the height position of the printhead module for different egg sizes.
  • .To print 6 rows of eggs in trays or cartons, ideal for integration with egg graders.






Two types of controllers   

Choose a proper controller that fits your operation habits to arrange print jobs.


DJ800n controller

  • Cost-effective
  • Create print jobs on a PC and transfer files to the controller via a USB flash drive.
  • Internal memory can save 30 print jobs.
  • Ideal for simple print job, offline print.








DJ800plus controller

  •  7” full-color touch screen to directly operate the printer and edit print jobs.
  • WYSIWYG interface with more flexibilities to edit a print job.
  • Able to connect a network for remote control and management.
  • Ideal for large-scale plants with network environment.
  • Optional software to remotely transfer print templates to several printers, monitor print status, and back up files.
dj800 1 





 dj800 2

Sky mechanism in printhead module

The sky mechanism allows the printhead to get close to eggs and provides an anti-hit function. It ensures great printing quality even at high conveyor speeds.




Thermal inkjet cartridge


Exclusive cartridges manufactured by Dotjet. Proven food-grade ink in TIJ cartridge with long decap time and excellent contrast for clear egg coding. Multiple colors are available in blue, green and red. 

 dj800 3






Get more efficiency from remote control and monitoring

  • Users can easily transfer print jobs from their office and change print templates for multiple egg printers simultaneously.

dj800 03




  • Monitor the print status on a computer or smartphone via a network connection is convenient.
  • Timely alert for low ink levels.

 dj800 04





Power supply for printer controller

AC 110v-220v

please make a notice while placing order

Power supply for thePower supply for theconveyor system of SC6 model

AC 110v-220v

please make a notice while placing order

Acceptable differences in egg sizes 15mm
Distance between printheads


can be fixed during the installation

Acceptable conveyor speed Max: 25 meters/ per minute
Print height

Max: 9mm

please refer to the controller page

Print quantity

2 printheads: Max 40,000 eggs per hour

6 printheads: Max 120,000 eggs per hour

DJ800n controller

Internal memory can store 30 print jobs.

DJ800plus controller 7” touch screen, design print jobs directly,ideal for remote control and monitor.
Print resolution 300 dpi x 300 dpi
Others Pleaser refer to the controller page





video cover dj2400 1

video cover dj2400 2 video cover dj2400 1
video cover dj2400 1 video cover dj2400 1 video cover dj2400 1
  • Thermal inkjet egg coder with 2 or 6 printheads
  • Stand-alone or integrated with an egg grading system
  • Remote-monitor and control of print jobs


  • Functional and versatile software ability
  • Multiple interfaces capable of printing external data
  • Printing via internet connection


The DJ45plus is an advanced version of the DJ45x, with full functions of the DJ45x. Based on the DJ45x, it further expands the capability of data printing and printer control from an external device, such as data printing received through communication interfaces like RS232, USB, and Ethernet. Printing control by protocol commands. Receive the print file, data, and image remotely from a central PC. Printer screen can be monitored and operated through wifi, MySQL database printing..etc., it performs versatile functions to apply in a wide range of coding and marking applications.


Full of DJ45plus inkjet printing functions
Owning versatile inkjet printing functions beyond your expectation, WYSIWYG user-friendly software provides a way can straightforward to create a print template and quickly set up parameters.

dj45x 02




Multiple Communication Interfaces

The software of DJ45plus was designed to support multiple communication interfaces including TCP/IP, RS232, USB and Wifi(By Router), emphasize the extending of coding and marking capability. Through the communication interfaces, let the DJ45plus becomes a versatile TIJ printer performing various applications in diverse industry. Some applications look complicated, Dotjet work team will give you fully support and simplify your customers particular printing request and assist you easily execute wide range of applications beyond basic printing.








Monitoring and managing Dotjet’s inkjet printers remotely has become very easy, it secures printing job is running on a production line error-free, conveniently supervisor remotely manages and check up on all inkjet printers running status installed at different locations in your network’s range. The Dotjet’s inkjet printers come with wireless and wifi connection capabilities, plus Dotjet owns develop printer remote management software and teamwork support, it worth you experience the advanced function.





Automating Database Printing

Use a database documenter to print the design template of database objects. The database can be saved in advance in the Dotjet’s printer memory via USB driver or convey single data via Ethernet from a PC. Furthermore, fetching data from a MySql database which allow Dotjet’s inkjet printers print respective database objects of a common MySQL database. The function can expand to various inkjet application, contact Dotjet’s team work to learn more.


dj45 3






Dotjet’s inkjet printers provide multiple printing protocols given the communication method for an automatic centra system, print servers or a host computer. The protocols allow an external system to submit one or more print jobs to Dotjet’s inkjet printers and perform tasks such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or canceling individual print jobs. The feature allows for the utmost flexibility, future expandability and helps manufacturers comply with the track-trace regulations of various industries.






Printing Data Collection

All kinds of printing data from Dotjet’s inkjet printers can be collected in a private server, this includes metadata about all the printing message that you print, including timestamps, printer ID, printing count, text and numbers in the print message, and the ink consumption status.

Dotjet developed a Data analytics software tools enable to analyze vast stores of data for great advantage on production line management. The Data analytics software can mine data that tracks a production activity – from current sales to historic inventory – and process it based on data scientists’ queries.






Bulk Ink Supply


Efficiently to save time and money in mass products coding requirement
Water Bulk Ink – Adopt a very simple structure to extend ink supply with a 370ml bulk ink, disposable ink box, easy to install.


Solvent Bulk Ink - 400ml ink capacity meet the need of high-volume print application, low per copy, and minimal user intervention required.





dj45 6 





Power requirement 

 AC110-220V, 50/60HZ


 7” Color LCD with LED backlight

Operating temperature 

 5℃ to 45℃ (41°F - 112°F)

Controller operating system 


Message storage 

 Up to 999 messages

Print head controlled ability 

 Two hp TIJ2.5 print heads

Print line 

 Multuple depand on character size

Print height 

 Selectable font size from 1mm to 12.7mm

Print speed 

 60m/min (Water ink) 
 90m/min (Solvent ink)

Max. print length  

 1 meter

Print resolution 

 Max. 600dpi x 600dpi / Regular 300dpi x 300dpi

Ink throw distance 

 Recommended 6mm

LED indicators 

 Ink low, print on/off

Print capability 

 Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, shift code, serial number, lot/box number,
 GS1 barcodes/2D code, database and 27 languages characters print, External data

User interface 

 WYSIWYG. Multiple-language available (some may need translation)

External data  interface 

 RS232, USB, Ethernet, TCP/IP

Database print format 


Particular features 

 MySQL database, print data collection, protocol control, 
 image in database, multiple printer remote control by DotW_CM software 

Printhead data line 

Standard 75cm and 200cm. Longer cable is optioal


 Controller 820g (Excluding bracket)
 Print head 380g (Excluding cartridge and bracket)

Dimension (L/W/H) 

 Controller  205x140x68 (mm) / 8.1x5.5x2.7 (inches)
 Print head 130x115x94 (mm) / 5.1x4.5x3.7 (inches)  


 Encoder, bulk ink supply, backstage analysis/manage software





video cover dj45plus 1

video cover dj45plus 2

video cover dj45plus 2

Read More:

Multiple I/O Functions Box

To manage diverse applications need the printer control by external machine interface, the functional box with 8 connectors flexibly for defining to Input or Output in parallel or serial signal.





Photocell/Encoder Signal HUB

Splitting photocell and encoder signal into multiple outputs synchronize all printers start printing in one signal source.






Mini Router

300Mbps wireless data rates provides the DJ45plus to performs wireless connection with external device or system. Easy installation in minutes.   



Protocol Button

Allowing the printing protocol embed in the button to implement remote control by the buttons.


  • Start print
  • Stop print
  • Reset print count
  • Open a file count
    ...Multiplicity as your define



  • Functional and versatile software abilities
  • Multiple communication interfaces for printing external data
  • Printing via internet connection