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High-Resolution Printers

Applying high-resolution inkjet printing onto primary and secondary packaging can eliminate the needs for pre-printed boxes and labels. It also reduces the packaging inventory, scrap and waste burdens.


  • Stand-alone self-contained, highly-compact unit, high resolution inkjet printer.
  • Simple, intuitive software operate by a 5” touch-screen reduces the potential for operator errors in efficiency.
  • Minimum intervention needed due to micro-pump built in the ink system, simply operation and achieve automatic ink delivery functions.


The DJ340 is designed for satisfying basic coding and marking need, high resolution codes up to 72 mm (2.8 in) print height, 17.5 mm (2.8 in) head is alternative which are compatible with the inks apply on porous and non-porous substrates with consistently high-resolution text, logo and barcodes printing.

System Structure

The compact design consists of 4 parts: ink supply, control unit, pump ink system, and printhead.



Control Unit

A 5” full-color touchscreen provides a simple and intuitive access to create print jobs and operate print functions.

 dj340 03


dj340 04 

Communication Interface

RS232- The DJ340 has a standard RS232 port for external source in serial data (ASCII hex encoding.), a solution for integration with an external device.




The DJ340 has been designed with a simple software for basic coding and marking. It is flexible to create print templates* directly on printer and has a quick access to start printing. (* Print templates with alphanumeric characters, lot/ batch number, date and time, regular barcodes and graphics.)
Dotjet’s DotW_340 PC software is an alternative to create and edit mass print messages on a PC. Users can copy the files from a PC to a DJ340 printer via a USB stick.


dj340 05




 dj340 13

Practical Functions
Piezoelectric inkjet technology is complicated, but it is not bothersome when users to use the DJ340.
DJ340, a standalone box coder, has the functions to:
● Print text, counter, date/time, image and barcode that are needed for marking on secondary packaging
● A built-in ink consumption calculator can calculate needed droplets per print message
● Darken-print function to adjust the darkness of print out.
● Ink system function to let users maintain printhead and ink supply system easily by themselves before a long-term shut down.
More practical functions and parameter settings are organized well into a 5” operation user interface.








Remote Control

Through a connected network and a proper software, remotely monitoring and managing Dotjet inkjet printers has become an easy thing. A supervisor can remotely manage and check all online inkjet printers’ status to secure the print jobs’ correctness and change print jobs from a PC or a smartphone. There is no need to stand in front of a printer to operate the printer.


dj340 06




Ink Supply

The design of the ink supply system ensures the easy and contamination-free process of changing an ink cartridge. Besides, a secondary ink tank is installed in the system to keep the printer printing when user is changing the ink cartridge with zero downtime.

The standard capacity of an ink cartridge is 250ml. An optional bulk ink supply system is available to benefit users more because it requires fewer ink cartridge changes, provides greater uptime, and reduces the long-term printing cost.


dj340 07




Pumping Ink Delivery
The pumping-ink- delivery system consists of three mini pumps to implement one button for ink priming, purging, and draining. The waste ink is collected automatically into another container to keep the printer system and working environment clean while the ink delivery system is working.


dj340 08






Printhead Technology
Dotjet high-resolution printers adopt SII piezoelectric printhead (72mm) or Xaar piezoelectric printhead (17.5mm), both are the leading brands in the inkjet printhead technology. The printheads are robust and precise. Their capability to print in flexible directions- downwards, vertical and horizontal, gives users the freedom to design and decide the print location on a packaging.


dj340 09






Optional Heating Facility

Temperature is a major factor of how UV-curable inks perform. When the environment temperature is low, the UV-curable ink may stick in the printhead nozzles because of the high viscosity at low temperature. A heating facility can keep the printhead working at a certain temperature that the UV-curable ink needs.

dj340 10






Encryption On The Ink Cartridge Use

A security chip that is attached to the ink cartridge can be detected by the printer before starting up. It records ink consumption volume and goes off the low-ink alarm. Besides, the chip secures the ink business behind per sold inkjet printer.



dj340 11 





Ink Types
Dotjet provides oil-based inks and UV-curable inks that perform excellent printing results on most substrates, such as porous, glossy or plastics substrates. UV-curable ink has an instant dry time as soon as being exposed to UV light.


dj340 12




SII Piezoelectric technology

Electrical requirement

AC 90-240V, 50/60 HZ

Operating temperature

5°C ~ 50°C (5°F - 122°F)

Operation display

5” LCD touch screen

Software operation

Directly on the 5" touchscreen or on a PC then download to the printer by USB stick

Operation interface

Multiple languages are available

Vertical & Horizontal resolution


Message storage Up to 1000 messages
Print line Multiple lines depanding upon the print character size
Maximum print height 17.5mm for PT128 head, 72mm for PT510 head
Print speed

98 feet/min (30m/minute) at 180dpi with 128/80pl print head.

148 feet/min(45m/minute) at 180dpi with 510/50pl print head
197 feet/min(60m/minute) at 180dpi with 510/35pl print head. Optional for UV ink only

Message length Maximum to 1024mm
Printing orientation Horizontal and Vertical printing
Distance to print surface Maximum 6.5mm (0.25 inches)
Print capability Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, shift code, serial number, lot/box number, Linear barcode, external data
External data interface RS232
Ink usage Oil and UV curing inks
Ink supply 250ml ink cartridge. 500ml bulk ink supply is optional
Dimension (L/W/H) 160 x 450 x 140 (mm) / 6.3 x 17.7 x 5.5 (inches)
Optional Encoder, bulk ink supply, external low ink alarm

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