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Thermal Inkjet Printers

Dotjet TIJ printers offer an impressive combination of functionality, simplicity, and compact design based on the core consideration of high printing quality and ease of use.

Three models of Dotjet TIJ printers were developed for different demand levels: The DJ1 was designed with a simple but robust structure for cost saving to apply basic coding and marking. The DJ45x satisfies most inkjet coding needs with user-friendly operation interface. Further, The DJ45plus is a versatile printer which performs excellently for advanced inkjet applications.

The DJ800 is designed specifically for eggshell coding. Dotjet's in-house cartridges using market proven TIJ technology provide a cost effective and reliable method of coding eggshells.

Dotjet TIJ printers are ideal solutions for a wide range of coding and marking applications. Explore the worlds of Dotjet TIJ printers to find a proper solution for your customers.


  • Thermal inkjet egg coder with 2 or 6 printheads.
  • Stand-alone or integrated with an egg grading system.
  • Remote-monitor and control of print jobs.


DJ800 series eggshell printers provide solutions for multiple scales of egg coding demands, from a simple eggshell printer to a network-connected eggshell printer which allows to remotely control and monitor. DJ800 series can be flexibly integrated with an egg grading systems and allow users to manually adjust the height position of printhead module against egg sizes. With options of models, you will find the most proper egg coder from Dotjet.

Choices for printhead modules
Multiple printhead modules to select for different scales and to be integrated with an egg grading system.


dj8000 cs2  dj800 cc6  dj800 cc6 


  • The CS2 module is designed to print eggs in 2 rows in trays or cartons.


  • To print 6 rows of eggs in trays or cartons.
  • Ideal for integration with egg graders and automatic egg production lines.


  • With a lifting mechanism to easily adjust the height position of the printhead module for different egg sizes.
  • .To print 6 rows of eggs in trays or cartons, ideal for integration with egg graders.






Two types of controllers   

Choose a proper controller that fits your operation habits to arrange print jobs.


DJ800n controller

  • Cost-effective
  • Create print jobs on a PC and transfer files to the controller via a USB flash drive.
  • Internal memory can save 30 print jobs.
  • Ideal for simple print job, offline print.








DJ800plus controller

  •  7” full-color touch screen to directly operate the printer and edit print jobs.
  • WYSIWYG interface with more flexibilities to edit a print job.
  • Able to connect a network for remote control and management.
  • Ideal for large-scale plants with network environment.
  • Optional software to remotely transfer print templates to several printers, monitor print status, and back up files.
dj800 1 





 dj800 2

Sky mechanism in printhead module

The sky mechanism allows the printhead to get close to eggs and provides an anti-hit function. It ensures great printing quality even at high conveyor speeds.




Thermal inkjet cartridge


Exclusive cartridges manufactured by Dotjet. Proven food-grade ink in TIJ cartridge with long decap time and excellent contrast for clear egg coding. Multiple colors are available in blue, green and red. 

 dj800 3






Get more efficiency from remote control and monitoring

  • Users can easily transfer print jobs from their office and change print templates for multiple egg printers simultaneously.

dj800 03




  • Monitor the print status on a computer or smartphone via a network connection is convenient.
  • Timely alert for low ink levels.

 dj800 04





Power supply for printer controller

AC 110v-220v

please make a notice while placing order

Power supply for thePower supply for theconveyor system of SC6 model

AC 110v-220v

please make a notice while placing order

Acceptable differences in egg sizes 15mm
Distance between printheads


can be fixed during the installation

Acceptable conveyor speed Max: 25 meters/ per minute
Print height

Max: 9mm

please refer to the controller page

Print quantity

2 printheads: Max 40,000 eggs per hour

6 printheads: Max 120,000 eggs per hour

DJ800n controller

Internal memory can store 30 print jobs.

DJ800plus controller 7” touch screen, design print jobs directly,ideal for remote control and monitor.
Print resolution 300 dpi x 300 dpi
Others Pleaser refer to the controller page
Let's get to work.

When you need an inkjet printer to do more than simply basic coding and marking, please contact Dotjet because we are good at advanced applications.

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