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High-Resolution Printers

Applying high resolution inkjet codes to primary and secondary package material, eliminating the need for pre-printed boxes and labels, helping to reduce inventory, scrap and waste.


  • Functional and versatile and be competent to diverse printing application
  • Functional and versatile and be competent to diverse printing application
  • Different print head system combination in one controller


The DJ2400 high-resolution, large character inkjet cardboard box printers provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous and secondary packaging materials. These systems are designed and manufactured to reliably print durable, high-quality codes, bar codes and graphics—even on extended runs—with minimal intervention. Available in a range of printhead heights to best suit your printing needs, replacing preprinted boxes and labels with a highly flexible, cost effective print-on-demand solution.

Flexibility in Printing Organization
The DJ2400 can configure up to 4 printheads(70 mm or 17.5 mm combination) flexibly controlled by a 12” touch screen IPC controller, through the LVDS cable in length maximum up to 5 meters between the controller and print head systems.

dj2400 02





Operation Interface -12” full color touch screen IPC controller with
graphical user interface provides users the capability to intuitively operate computers and other electronic devices through the direct manipulation of graphical icons such as buttons, scroll bars, windows, tabs, menus, cursors, and the mouse pointing device. Many modern graphical user interfaces feature touchscreen and voice-command interaction capabilities.
easy creating and editing messages, as well as set message parameters.


dj2400 03




Communication Interface

RS232 - The DJ2400 provide a fully integrated and controlled environment from an external source through the standard RS232 port in serial data (ASCII hex encoded).
Ethernet - Control commands and data handling commands comunication protocol via a RJ-45 connector integrating into a PC-based automated control system or a PLC.

USB - An alternative interface linking for such as electrical scale, barcode reader to implement printer to be an output equipment of external data source.


dj2400 04






DotWare QT provides a very straightforward platform, no need for pages flipping in message and print template creation, versatile printing functions easily to perform via the controller setup.

● Fully inkjet printing functions.
● Protocol, interface commands provided
● Data printing sent from an external device
● Open a file and print via the communication interface
● GS1 barcode printing
● MySQL database printing  
● Printer remote control supporting
● Be integrated with Dotjet’s CMD software system

dj2400 05






Print Head with Ink System
The DJ2400’s print head system contains an independent ink delivery system, physically including print engine trail a control driver board, standalone electronics and software of controlling, ink supply pumping system, and the ink system contains a secondary ink tank perfectly provide an stable ink supply to the print head working.

dj2400 05




Ink Supply 

Standard 250ml ink cartridge design ensures ease and contamination-free at ink run-out changeover. A secondary ink tank built in the system enables ink to be changed without stopping production.

Optional, the bulk ink supply requires fewer changes for greater uptime and lowers overall cost per code for cost-efficient.


dj2400 07






A 3.5” touch screen provides a friendly user interface, control for pumping of ink to the ink tank and printhead, and get ink out from the print head nozzle into a waste container, fully manage the ink delivery system working independently.


dj2400 08



Ink Delivery

Consists in three mini pumps implement one button to act Ink priming / purging / draining instead of manual operation, along with the waste is sucked into a container, easily operation and completely no mess in the system working.

 dj2400 09




Print Head Technology
Adopting Seiko and Xaar piezoelectric technology offers a robust and versatile coding and marking solution for secondary packaging, compatible with UV, solvent-based and oil-based inks.


dj2400 10




Additional Heating Facility

The heater and thermistor are equipped in the Dotjet’s PT-510 print head to ensure the UV ink approved by Dotjet is very smooth printing in a low-temperature environment. Heating enhancement may need for other UV ink formulas which are sensitive in viscosity against low temperatures. Those UV inks are designed to enhance the adhesion ability to specific material.

dj2400 11 




Used Ink
Dotjet UV and oil inks perform excellent print result in mostly substrates.
Print on a wide range of stocks such as porous, glossy or plastics with UV or oil based inks. Instant-curing of UV ink once exposed to UV lamp.


dj2400 13




Power Supply AC110-220V, 50/60HZ
Display Controller : 12” full color LCD touch screen display
Print Head System : 4.3” color LCM module (Touch Screen)
Operating Temperature Range 5°C ~45°C (41°F - 113°F)
Message storage Up to 1000 messages
Print Capability Alphanumeric of full true type fonts.
Scalable text; rotation, mirror and inverse printing.
Automatic time and date functions.
Automatic best-before date calculation.
Automatic incrementing & decrementing batch counting and Lot-Box code.
Auto repeat printing.
Graphic format supported using 1 bit bitmap file. (*.bmp)
16 programming shift codes with automatic rollover.
GS1 barcodes / 2D codes.
External data connectivity print.
Data base print.
External Data Communication Interface

RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet. Wifi is optional

Maximum Print Height

17.5mm for PT128 head
70mm for PT510 head

Print Lines Multiple lines depanding upon the print character size
Message Length Max. 2M
Vertical Print Resolution 185 dpi
Horizontal Print Resolution 200 dpi
Built-in Message Storage Capacity 4GB SSD available for message storage,
actual message size will vary based on content
Print Speed (Conveyor)

Up to 98 feet/min (30m/minute) at 200dpi with 128/80pl print head.

Up to 164 feet/min (50m/minute) at 200dpi with 510/50pl print head.

Up to 197 feet/min (60m/minute) at 200dpi with 510/35pl print head

Ink Supply 250ml ink cartridge (standard), 500ml ink cartridge (optional)

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