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The inkjet software is for creating and changing the print jobs to print. Dotjet emphasizes no burden and error in the doing process, which is worth exploring.

CMD software

  • Simplify the management and get rid of disorder in the mass print message.
  • Back up the printing jobs for all printers in the CMD network at regular time.
  • To know the production line progress by monitoring the network printers in printing.


How to avoid error message coding on a product, always need the supervisor must take time getting to the production line to changing the print job, re-setup the printing parameter, load an image file for the database…etc.,The CMD system development responds to the product coding demand in the situations above, it combines print message creation, printer control, print file management, printer status monitoring, print job deployment and dispatch remotely, resolving the concerns for a production line supervisor, with the CMD system assistance, a trained inkjet printer operator is no longer required.

Relaxed create print job at remote PC
Create the print message from your office computer, the job becomes simple with a mouse and keyboard to edit the complicated message layout, or quickly complete mass of messages creation. 


cmd 02




Centralize on-line print jobs management

No limitation in print jobs saving in the computer memory. Classify the files by-products or production lines saved in subfolders, manage effectively with no mess even if hundreds of print messages saving. 

cmd 03


cmd 04 Manageably remote print jobs dispatch to on-line printers

Every printer on the factory site is assigned a specific IP address. The PC installs the CMD software system and can quickly search and connects to any one of the printers on the net, and dispatch them desired print jobs. 


Monitoring on-line printers printing process

Watch the current print content and the status of every factory site printers that work in Real-Time from your office PC or smartphone, ensuring there is no print mistake and knowing the progress of production line work. 

 cmd 05




Remotely and instantly change the print message content
Remotely change the content in the print message for the factory site printers via office PC or smartphone, unnecessary let the supervisor moves the production line to do a small job, reduce printing downtime, and no worry about a mistake made by the operator.


cmd 06






Backup and restore on-line printing jobs
A backup and restore tool built in the CMD software system, simultaneously back up the print messages for all factory site printers during the print message transfer. There is no need to particular enable the printers. When required, one-button restores print jobs to all printers.


cmd 07






Remote dispatch database and image files
Manually conveys the database like CSV files to remote factory site printers via Ethernet or wireless. When a database with a large number, the database can be divided into several pieces. A tool software contains in the CMD software which is functional dispatching a database, that is great for multiple inkjet printers co-work completing large database. The tool software is available for delivering an image to printers remotely too.


cmd 08






Remote operate on-line printers
Directly operate the factory site printers from an office computer. Completely duplicating the printer screen on the office computer, remotely doing printing parameters, or other setups for using specific inkjet functions, reduce the moving time for a supervisor who must go to the production line for the printer operation.


cmd 09

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