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Dotjet-developed software emphasizes brining no burden to users, making it simple to create print template and easy to manage print jobs. Dotjet not only supplies reliable printers, but also provides solution to simplify the process of managing printers.

CMD Software System

  • Simplify the process of preparing and managing print job.
  • Remote control and monitor inkjet printers.
  • Automatically back up files.


There are numerous must-do before starting printing jobs to prevent coding and marking errors, such as editing the print template, checking and changing print jobs, setting up the printing parameters, and importing an image file and database file. Mostly, supervisors do these jobs because they are worried about operator errors. But from work efficiency, it takes too much time going back and forth at the site of production lines for these jobs.

The Dotjet CMD software system responds to the demand for work efficiency and prevents operator errors. It contains the functions of creating print messages, controlling printers, managing print files, monitoring printing status, dispatching print jobs, and delivering files remotely. With the Dotjet CMD software, users can enhance the work efficiency of preparing print jobs and preventing coding and marking errors.

Create Print Jobs at Remote PC in a Relaxed Way

Creating print jobs from your office, using your familiar computer to edit complicated print template and manage the numerous files in organize. Things can be simple before the printers start printing.


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Centralize Online Print Jobs Management

Using PC software to create print jobs gives users the freedom to save files to different subfolders in the computer. The subfolders can be classified by product name, production line, or packaging type. With proper management, users can find the needed print jobs quickly and efficiently.

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cmd 04 Dispatch Print Jobs to Online Printers

Each printer connected in a network is assigned a specific IP address. Therefore, users can remotely dispatch the needed print jobs to one or more online printers by the Dotjet CMD software.


Monitor Online Printers Printing Status

Users can monitor the real-time printing content and each printer’s printing status from a PC or a smartphone to ensure no printing error occurs. Also, users can know the progress of production and the production efficiency.

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Instantly Change Print Message Content

What if a small change on printing content is needed during the printing process? Instead of going to the production line and stop the printer, the supervisor can instantly operate the change via a PC or a smartphone from the office.


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Backup and Restore Print Jobs
Backup and restore function are built in the Dotjet CMD software system. When the system distributes files from PC to online printers, all the files are backed up simultaneously in the CMD server which is a private cloud. If the PC or online printers is replaced by a new one, users can restore all files from the CMD server to the new PC or printers quickly.


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Dispatch Database and Image Files to Printers

The Dotjet CMD software contains the function to dispatch database files and image files from the PC to the online printers.
When multiple inkjet printers are co-working database printing, using the Dotjet CMD software to convey the database (.csv) files, distribute and assign the correct print templates to online printers is more convenient to users.


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Remote Operate Online Printers

The remote-control function ideally saves time for users to adjust the settings of all the online printers. It adopts a remote-desktop software that allows the user to see and control a printer’s screen.
The operation to adjust the parameters settings is the same as operating a physical printer controller, but with the advantage that supervisors do not need to go to the production line to set up the printers.


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