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Thermal Inkjet Printers

Dotjet thermal inkjet printers offer an impressive combination of functionality and simplicity in one, compact design, where high quality print is essential and ease of use is a primary consideration. Three types of TIJ printers from the DJ1 with very simple structure but very robust to the DJ45x which can satisfy with most of inkjet coding need, further the DJ45plus is a versatile printer excellently perform in advanced inkjet applications. Dotjet’s TIJ printers provide an ideal solution for a wide range of coding and marking applications, it is worth your exploration.


  • Friendly operation interface in a 7” touch-screen
  • Two print heads connection
  • Flexibly in installation


The DJ45x thermal inkjet coder provides coding in high-resolution at high-speed. Flexible remote controller mounting positions and easy print head integration on the production line. The 7" touch screen with intuitive user interface enables easy, error-free operation and data input directly on board.

Ideally suited to fast-moving consumer environments in markets. Dual print head operation for 2 sides of line coding. Graphic printing quality on paper, card, plastic, metal and other materials. Flexible label design, text, counters, clocks, graphics, logos, barcodes can all be included on the same label.

7”Full-Color Touchscreen

No need pages flipping in message creation, very straightforwardly in a print template creation. WYSIWYG user-friendly software provides even a beginner can quickly and efficiently to build-up a print job and manage printing.
dj45x 01


Multiple Languages

Multiple languages available on operation menu. International language character fonts and windows true fonts are flexible to load in the printer for printing.

dj45x 02




dj45x 03

Quickly Open a Print Job

Quickly show up the possible print job after prefix input at open file, further can preview the listed print jobs, easily to pick up the right print job in a large amount files.







PC Software

Easily experience the feature of Dotjet printer’s software. It’s an assistance of mass print message creation, as well as a tool for operator training. Quickly calculate the ink consumption for every single message has created, instead of must use a printer controller.

dj45x 04




Robust Print Head Module

Standard accessory. Durable housing made of milled and anodized aluminum, plus an anti-mechanism to against printed product punch and ensure every print is the best. Alternatively, the print head can equip a Fine- Adjustment Mechanism let users adjust the print distance with slight and accurate changes to make the print nozzle as close to the print surface as possible.


dj45x 05




GS1 Barcode

     The DJ45 series are the right printing equipment driving right ink to generate good quality

     GS1 barcodes against various product substrates.


dj45x 06

dj45x 06 2




Ink Types

Dotjet provides aqueous inks, solvent inks, UV curable inks suitable for primary and secondary packaging printing, we simplify the ink cartridge items but for wide-range inkjet applications, reduce the cost from the customer site in stock.

dj45x 07




dj45x 10


Technology hp TIJ2.5
Power requirement AC110-220V, 50/60HZ
Display 7” Color LCD with LED backlight
Operating temperature 5℃ ~ 45℃ (41°F - 112°F)
Controller operating system Linux
Message storage Up to 999 messages
Print head controlled ability Two hp TIJ2.5 print heads
Print line Multuple depand on character size
Print height Selectable font size from 1mm to 12.7mm
Print speed 60m/min (Water ink)
90m/min (Solvent ink)
Max. print length 1 meter
Print resolution Max. 600dpi x 600dpi / Regular 300dpi x 300dpi
Ink throw distance Recommended 6mm
LED Indicators Ink low, print on/off
Print Capability Alphanumeric, logos, date/time, shift code, serial number, lot/box number,
2D code, 27 languages characters print.
User interface WYSIWYG. Multiple languages available (some may need translation)
Print head data line Standard 75cm, maximum 200cm
Weight Controller 820g (Excludes bracket)
Print head 380g (Excludes cartridge and bracket)
Dimension(L/W/H) Controller 205x140x68 (mm) 8.1x5.5x2.7(inches)
Print head 130x115x94 (mm) 5.1x4.5x3.7(inches)
Optional Encoder, bulk ink supply, external low ink alarm


video cover dj45x 1 video cover dj45x 2 video cover dj45x 3
video cover dj45x 4    


Let's get to work.

When your inkjet need is not just for basic coding, we are good at the advanced applications.

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